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John Kioli


KIUESA is made us of students from diverse fields of profession coming together to integrate their ideas and skills towards finding a better solution to environmental challenges. This indeed is the time when we are faced with the strongest environmental resistances, arising from the global warming and unsustainable development, but the good new is they we have the solutions.

We can no longer hide from the hard reality of climate change. The science of climate change can no longer be doubted. We are task with an initiative to hand over a better world, a better planet to the next generation. We must adjust our ways of life, if our children are to enjoy the ecosytem services, and it is everyone’s' business to work towards this dream. I must admit that I am happy and hopeful to see this young generation taking bold steps to restore sanity to nature towards the healing of the tone planet. Former US president said, "The future of any nation can be measured by the prospects of her youths", and I have no doubt that this young generation is turning things around. We must therefore keep close to the students and mentor them to enable them realize what they have started, a better future is looming. We call upon people from from all walks of life to draw in their support and support our initiative.

However, climate change is presenting opportunities for the young people to tap into, for example in the renewable energy sector, waste management, alternative energy sources, climate smart agriculture and the wide market the climate change has created. It is important for young people to develop aggression towards the opportunities. The young needs to be empowered because they have the skills and synergy and through unity, they can transform the world. Let's therefore join hands and support this enthusiastic generation because they have proved that they are able.

Join us in our quest for a better world and just society for all through sustainable use of natural resources and climate smart innovations, together we can achieve more. Thank you.

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